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"Such a fun class! It's unlike any other voice class in town. They go in and hit the ground running from the start, not your typical "beginners" class. You're on the mic every week and given direction that helps bring your character and performance to life in the booth. You learn the technical aspects of being a voice actor like how to record and edit auditions at home. They bring in guest speakers, talk candidly about the audition/casting process, and use animation projects they've worked on as learning tools. Paulette, Mimi, and Ashley are such genuine and passionate instructors with so much talent, knowledge and experience between them. They quickly pick up on each students' "sweet spot" and also know where to push and challenge them. This class will have you walking out with confidence and an edge up."


- Celina M. 

"The class was MAGICAL for me!  Mimi, Paulette and Ashley are PHENOMENAL with their INTUITIVE INSIGHT in the way they can bring out, change up and enhance an actor's abilities and talents. They themselves are professional voiceover artists, actors and casting directors. I can't thank them enough for presenting such a rich, fulfilling and SUBSTANTIVE class/course. I learned so much from all of them. I have nothing but praise for all their BRILLIANCE! In the world of animation they not only sparkle and shine, they RADIATE an energy that is a LIFE FORCE! I've signed up for the next class."

- Beverly A.

"I am very new to voice acting, and this class has been giving me a great start! Mimi, Ashely, and Paulette are very passionate about this form of work, and they not only teach it, they are all working currently in it. They know how to pull the best out of you and they make it fun. I also got sick one week and couldn't make a class and they easily arranged for me to make the class up. They're just great overall, and I'm so glad to be with them on this journey!"

- Chloe-Ann S. 

"I am a professional actress and have taken many classes over the years The Voice Master Team is the most instructive and helpful I ever experienced."      


- Edith Fields, Modern Family, The Kids Are Alright, etc.

"I will recommend this class to anyone who shows even the slightest interest in animation voiceover and actually I already have!  I honestly didn't know what to expect, but from day one of the class i was blown away! I had SO MUCH FUN and I couldn't wait to come back week after week!!  Mimi, Paulette and Ashley are all incredibly supportive and encouraging and also find the perfect balance of pushing you way out of your individual comfort zone while still letting you know you are safe to take big risks and that it is okay to fall because in the fall you grow leaps and bounds!!!  I can't wait to keep to come back and continue to grow!!!!"

- Danielle H, 9-1-1 Lone Star, Veronica Mars, Grownish, etc.

"This class was unlike any other animation class I've taken (and I've taken A LOT) - in addition to creating characters and working on placement, pitch, etc. we also got to do some ADR - syncing dialogue to animation was a crazy fun experience! We also had a voice teacher come in and talk about proper breathing and warming up, and another industry guest speaker. Mimi and Paulette and Ashley pushed us beyond our comfort zones but always in the most supportive and fun way! And Mikey the engineer was great too! I learned a ton and I'd recommend this class to any actors looking to reach the next level in their animation vo careers."

- Jill Maglione, Mindy Project, etc.

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