What Actor's Say

"It is always my pleasure to work under the highly capable direction of Mimi Maynard and Paulette Lifton. Both of them have a super positive Win-Win attitude towards talent, are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to both the technical and performance side of audio recording and create a nurturing energetic atmosphere in which performers like myself do their best work. Any entity that has the chance to enlist these talented ladies and their skill sets would be wise to do so and improve their project’s quality significantly!"

- Michael Sorich, Angry Birds, Backstreet Girls, 100's of TV shows, video games and films

"To say that I enjoy working with Mimi and Paulette is an extreme understatement. The two are smart, focused, and go out of their way to make each session enjoyable. Mimi is an excellent director and coach, she's clearly has had years of experience doing what she's doing, so you really feel like you're in great hands. Never have I felt more confident and comfortable in my performances than when working with these two. Reliable, professional, wonderful."


- Sophie Simpson

"Having Paulette direct me in a movie was an exciting time for me, she loves to collaborate with her actors and she is just a ball of passionate energy you can’t help but love to be around. 

She has a very unique way of working with actors to bring out their best. She is always prepared and extremely professional in every way yet brings a genuine caring nature to the work as only a true artist would. 

For anyone looking for a breakthrough in their journey as an artist, Paulette will definitely help you get there."

- Bren Foster, The Last Ship, Days of Our Lives

"Mimi and Paulette are two of the most knowledgeable and proficient voice directors, casting directors, and producers I have had the honor to work with in the voice over industry! Every session has been a delight with them. I am so grateful to attach my name to their work every time, because I can always rest confidently that the outcome will be superb. Couldn't recommend them enough!"

- Danny Fehsenfeld

"Mimi Maynard is a one of a kind voice director and coach. Her wonderfully keen insight  and extraordinary ability to guide the performer to do their best work is truly inspiring. She is able to hone in on our strengths as voice over actors with her expert advise and sensitivity to our needs as well as to the project as a whole. We can truly soar under Mimi’s perceptive eye. 
The end result of the project because of working with Mimi is phenomenal."

- Ellen Dubin, multi nominated actor /voice over performer : Midway, Napoleon Dynamite, A Turtle’s Tale 2, Star Wars: Resistance

"Mimi Maynard is a brilliant voice over acting coach. I would not be where I am in the voiceover world without her.. She Is a genius when it comes to interpretation and breaking down a script. 
Working with her is not only inspiring,  it is incredibly fun and the final product is always something I am extremely  proud of.


Also, Mimi is equally as strong when it comes to any musical audition. Because of her background and her ear she hears where characters need to land vocally, and directs me succinctly and quickly. 
Thank goodness for Mimi Maynard. "

- Joan Ryan

"Working with Mimi has been an absolute game changer for me! Her passion and experience has helped me blossom from a timid new comer, into a confident well equipped voice actor."

- Olivier Paris

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