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Learn from Emmy-Winning Casting Directors, Voice Directors & Pro Talent on how to Master the Art of Voice Over for Animation!


 ...and now Master Writing and Singing for Animation taught by award-winning writers from your favorite animated films & Broadways stars!! 


Voice Masters records at Oracle Post, right here in sunny Burbank, California and is a premier Voice Studio for Actors.  Voice Masters teaches Voice Over classes for all types of recording projects including animation, games, documentaries, webisodes, podcasts, and commercials. 

Some of the talent the studio has recorded and worked with at Oracle Post includes Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker, Rita Moreno, Chris Noth, Kevin Spacey, Amy Poehler, Hayden Panettiere, David Spade, Keanu Reeves, John Travolta, Jon Heder, Cameron Diaz, Larry David, Carla Gugino, Taylor Kitch, John Hurt, Christopher Plummer, Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Kim Bassinger, Josh Duhamel, Hilary Duff, Rob Schneider, Jason Lee, Julianne Hough, Sharon Stone, Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Michael Clark Duncan, the cast of SpongeBob Squarepants, the cast of  Army Wives, the cast of Lost and the cast of the infamous Jackass.

We have one of the top audition coaching services in town with our award-winning casting directors and voice directors and working pros, who will coach you one-on-one in our state of the art facility. We coach everyone from brand new actors, to working pros. Shoot us a message and let's get started!

Private coaching is available by appointment only.  

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